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The Tropical Marine Network is a joint program of the University of Sydney, the University of Queensland, James Cook University and the Australian Museum. Four courses in tropical marine science are offered, all to be taught at marine island research stations off the Queensland coast.

This new field of study will provide students with the opportunity to specialise in tropical marine science in a collaborative program which takes advantage of the expertise and facilities available at the University of Queensland, James Cook University, University of Sydney and the Australian Museum.

The National Degree incorporates many unique features, such as:

  • Advanced learning through enabling students to take advantage of expertise from several institutions;
  • Unparalleled experience of the marine environment across more than 10o of latitude and across environments ranging from coastal to outer reef;
  • Experience of other study and research institutions through visits to collaborating Universities and research stations.

Students initially enrol at one of the three "home" universities, and undertake the first three semesters of study in biology plus a selection of chemistry, mathematics, physics or other relevant courses within the normal guidelines of each institution's Bachelor of Science program. Each institution will ensure that a similar suite of core courses are offered which provide appropriate grounding for the field of study.

Students graduate with a three-year BSc degree from their home institution which fulfils the requirements of that institution's own program rules, and which also meets the common requirements of the Tropical Marine Science field of study. For example, the University of Queensland students' degree certificate will be Bachelor of Science in the field of Tropical Marine Science.


: Coastal Zone Management


: Coral Reef Ecosystems


: Tropical Fisheries
Biology & Management