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Core Courses

The field of Tropical Marine Science addresses the national needs for highly skilled professionals capable of dealing with significant marine issues, employer needs for more readily employable skilled graduates and graduate needs for satisfying career options and networks.

Students will enrol initially in the BSc at one of the three "home" universities, University of Queensland, James Cook University and University of Sydney, and will undertake the first three semesters of study in biology plus a selection of chemistry, mathematics, physics or other relevant courses within the normal guidelines of each institution's Bachelor of Science program. Each institution will recommend a similar suite of core courses which provide appropriate grounding for the field of study.

Course plan at the University of Queensland (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

During the second three semesters, students will undertake a minimum of three field courses offered collaboratively through the institutions in the National Tropical Marine Network. These courses will each be offered at the research stations over two weeks with two offered back-to-back in the mid-year break with the third after the second semester exam period. Six courses will be offered initially - three in each of two years. Each of the six collaborative field courses will be the equivalent of one quarter of one semester's load at each of the three institutions. Admission will be via permission of a committee of the Executive Deans of the three institutions.