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Mia Hoogenboom
James Cook University


Degree: B.Sc/B.Arts (Streams: Marine Biology & Asia/Pacific Community Development). Commenced study at the Australian National University and transferred to JCU in 2001. Completed second year with four high distinctions, three distinctions and three credits. Partially completed third year with three high distinctions and three distinctions.
Interests: Any activity in the Great Outdoors, in particular snorkelling, diving and swimming.
Career aspirations: To make a valuable research contribution toward unravelling some of the mystery surrounding the complexity and diversity of ecosystems and the coexistence of organisms in marine environments.
Reasons for interest in the Tropical Marine Science Program: The courses offered through TMN draw together experts from several different institutions, giving students access to the latest research in all areas of marine science. The TMN courses also represent an excellent opportunity to gain further hands-on field experience.