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Amy Smoothey
University of Sydney

Giordana Cocco


Degree: B. Sc. (Stream: Marine Science); Completed 1st and 2nd year with 1 high distinction, 1 distinctions and 12 credits.
Interests: Scuba diving (in particular subtidal ecology), underwater photography and videography, travelling, soccer, Oztag
Career aspirations: To gain employment that allows her to work towards wildlife conservation and environmental impact studies. Also, to get involved with an ecotourism venture so that her knowledge of the marine environment can educate others about the importance of wildlife protection and conservation.
Reasons for interest in the Tropical Marine Science Program: To greater expand her horizons within the discipline of marine science and to better understand the reasons why coral reefs have been identified as the most vulnerable ecosystem on earth. Through this course Amy hopes to develop a better understanding of coral reef ecosystems and in particular, the complex interactions that occur between the organisms found in these habitats, such as symbiosis and coral bleaching.